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Nordic + Baltic Film Distribution with Sträng Film
Are you seeking a distribution partner that stands out from the crowd? Look no further. At Sträng Film, we embody the perfect blend of size and agility, capable of handling major titles while remaining nimble enough to seize opportunities swiftly. Our unwavering dedication sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for your cinematic journey.

Mission: redefine the very essence of cinematic storytelling
Nature’s wonders hold the key to understanding life’s true essence. Our mission at Sträng Film revolves around producing and distributing world-class films that draw us closer to nature’s heart. Prepare to embark on a cinematic experience that will transport you to uncharted territories, closer than you’ve ever been before.

Storytelling is Our Language, Cinema is Our Canvas
The team at Sträng Film comprises passionate adventurers who wholeheartedly advocate for the captivating titles we distribute. Our expertise in Nordic + Baltic cinema culture is competetive, building a sterling reputation for delivering quality films with utmost care. We ensure seamless DCP’s + KDM’s delivery, handle censorship, subtitling, and orchestrate extensive film marketing campaigns.

Unravelling the Secrets of Success
Success is in the details, just like a perfectly executed adventure. Sträng Film’s unconventional marketing methods have left the biggest cinema chains in the Nordic’s puzzled, asking, ”How do you do it?” Our strategy is an art form that generates remarkable media attention for the films we distribute. We wield media exclusivity, craft captivating stories, engage communities, collaborate with ambassadors, and orchestrate unforgettable events. All to create a resounding impact and widespread awareness around our cinematic gems.

Inspiring Closeness, Fostering Connection
We believe in bringing people closer, closer than reality itself. Only by forging a profound connection with nature can we genuinely care for each other and our planet. Through film, we achieve this mission, one compelling story at a time.

Dare to Embrace the Extraordinary
Experience the Sträng Film difference. Founder Fredrik Sträng’s extraordinary journey of spending five years in a tent on seven continents, exploring over 88 countries, and conquering seven 8000 m peaks inspired our passion for adventure and poignant storytelling. Sträng Film now stands as a beacon of quality film distribution, awe-inspiring films, and exhilarating film festivals.

Ready to Unleash Your Film? Contact Us!
If you aspire to captivate audiences in the Nordic and Baltic countries with your film, we eagerly await your call. Sträng Film is here to turn your cinematic dreams into a captivating reality.
Kind regards, Fredrik Sträng Founder, Sträng Film

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