If you’re looking for a Nordic + Baltic distributor who are big enough to handle big titles but small enough to move quickly and who are dedicated, then we are the right choice. We can be your one-stop-shopping-opportunity to reach all the biggest film-chains but also targeted audiences.


Our mission: We produce and distribute world-class adventure documentaries because getting closer to nature makes us truly appreciate what is important in life. Come closer, closer than real.


We who work at Sträng Film are adventurers and we passionately speak for the adventure titles that we distribute. We also know the cinema culture in the Nordics + Baltics as we have built up a good reputation in delivering quality adventure documentaries and taking good care of the entire distribution process. Together with Biografcentralen (www.biografcentralen.se) we deliver DCP’s + KDM’s with 100 % accuracy to the cinemas, we take care of the censorship, subtitling and marketing of the films we distribute. Success lays in the details just as it does with a perfectly executed adventure!


“With Free Solo we accomplished over 40 000 theatrical admissions in the Nordic countries”


Our unorthodox marketing methods generates great media attention for the films that we distributed, and it has puzzled the biggest cinema-chains in the Nordic’s as they ask us “how do you do it?”. We work with media exclusivity, we share great stories about the titles that we distribute, we engage communities, we work with ambassadors and we create events around the titles that we distribute. Everything is designed to produce great impact and awareness around the films.


We inspire people to come closer. Closer than real. Because only when we feel connected with nature do, we truly care about our planet and using film as our medium we can accomplish this.


Feel free to contact us regarding distribution of your film for the Nordic and Baltic countries!


With kind regards Fredrik Sträng


Founder Fredrik Sträng have spent 5 years in a tent the past 22 years on 7 continents, visited over 80 countries and climbed nine 8000 m peaks in the world. From his passion for documenting extreme sports and the joy of adventure he started Sträng Film which distributes quality film, arrange film festivals and produce engaging documentaries.